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The Premier, Campbell Newman, Queensland Australia

The newly-elected Premier Campbell Newman and the Queensland State Cabinet have axed the State's Premier's Literary Awards.

Newman stated that the decision to axe the popular incentive is to control Government spending.

This is a particularly sad day for the arts and writers of every ilk everywhere ...

It is the first backward step for Queensland which is a throwback to the Jo Bjelke Petersen days...

Please sign this petition, in support of advancing incentives to advance the arts and writing.

Thank you

In Defence of Writing
April 3rd 2012


We, the undersigned, call upon the Premier Campbell Newman and the Queensland State Cabinet to reverse their decision to axe the Premier's Literary Awards.

To axe the Premier's Literary Awards is to hurl the State of Queensland back into the Joh Bjelke-Peterson days when the arts and the voice of the people was virtually non-existent.

The State doesnot have the monopoly on the Arts and Writing. The Arts and writing belong to the creative lives and endeavours of individuals, communities everywhere.

Writer's will NOT be forced into submission.
Writer's will NOT be subject to draconian deprivation that denies humans the expression of creativity and ultimate happiness.

We the Writers
April 3rd 2012

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