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President Obama has put a budget freeze on new domestic spending while allowing the military budget to increase. Of the total outlays of federal funds, the military receives 57%. The United States accounts for 47% of the world’s total military spending. Is the US military regime making us, citizens of the world, safer? Or is it causing us to be more insecure, poverty stricken, and morally and financially bankrupt? Is such a military budget helping us to build a peaceful world that has a cocreative stewardship with nature?

Engaging in war fronts abroad and watching the collapse of the infrastructure of civilization at home, the answer is clearly no. The permanent war economy is not the way to manifest peaceful ecological cities where people can pursue individual and collective happiness.

The world’s people are crying out for a new urban structure in which to feel ownership and belongingness. In horror, we have watched on television whole cities wiped out because of wars, natural disasters, and extreme weather. Fallujah, Iraq, New Orleans, USA, Sichuan Province, China, Bogale, Burma, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, have witnessed their citizens become homeless before our eyes. Al Gore predicts we will be faced with 100,000 million refuges as the seas rise because of global warming. Our present cities account for up to 75% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Since 60% of the world’s people live in unsustainable cities, our task is to reinvent cities with solar energy by building ecopolis.

The People’s Initiative to Build Ecopolis is an inner peace and world peace political campaign to implement a holistic paradigm shift necessary for our further cultural evolution. Our mission is to create an architectural template which allows a new civilization type to take form. It is a people’s movement to build a container where a low-stress, cooperative, plant-based diet, Earth loving lifestyle can take root. Labor forces around the world turn green by constructing ecopolis—a global urban infrastructure-- that uses 21st Century communication and robotic technologies to assemble an empathic, post-carbon, car-free global culture.

It is imperative that we begin moving out of the fossil fuel and patriarchal civilization into ecopolis that embraces the sacred feminine within our beloved Earth matrix, NOW. To be free, we must release ourselves from the old structures of alienation, exploitation and domination hierarchies that has fashioned the world of the skyscraper and the suburb, the mansion and the slum.

Global communication networks have now connected billions of people together. Could it be that it has reached critical mass so that this planetary transformation of building sustainable human habitat for everyone is possible? Can we perceive that we are meant to use these networks to cause our great exodus out of decaying 20th Century cities and into 21st Century ecopolis?

Creating an alternative future is up to us. We invite you to participate in building the People’s Initiative to Build Ecopolis party. The politics of building ecopolis can not be found in traditional political structures because ecopolis is founded on the principle of whole-systems design. Ecopolis is the manifestation of biospheric politics found when each of us activates self-love and takes responsibility for actualizing their unique gifts necessary for building ecopolis. This common possibility needs to work as a wildfire throughout our social network technologies. Organizing the superpower of the people to build ecopolis makes another world possible!

We, the undersigned, demand the United States Congress to move US tax dollars from the development and use of weapons of mass destruction and deception (war propaganda and yellow journalism) and moved into inventing and preparing us to live in networks of ecopolis (ecological cities) on Earth and in Outer Space.

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