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PawPrints Animal Medical Centre PC is a new state of the art Animal Medical Centre. This Animal Medical Centre has two treatment rooms, complete with digital radiography suite, surgical suite, an isolation ward, post operative recovery room, critical and emergent care ward, complete laboratory, library, two exam rooms and vast retail available. This Animal Medical Centre has been ready to open for almost 8 months.

At this point, we are meeting RESISTANCE in opening our doors. What is required to legally open at this point is the issuance of a CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION by the New York City Buildings Department. This will allow the Animal Medical Centre to open and be able to serve the Rockaway Community...that it has so patiently awaited.

Please support our efforts in bringing a much needed service to the community of the Rockaways, Broad Channel and Howard Beach by signing the petition!

We are trying to gain the support of the community by getting as many signatures as possible and showing STRENGTH in NUMBERS!

We have met resistance for obtaining a 'Letter of Completion' and need the communities support in our effort to show that this community stands behind Pawprints Animal Medical Centre P.C. in opening it's doors to be able to serve the animals within the community with the highest of quality and personalized veterinary care.

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