The CDS has asked the Canadian Government to declare 2007 as the Year of the Canadian Military Family. They should be recognized as the Strength behind the Canadian Forces Service Personnel

Join the group to have Prime Minister Harper recognize 2007 as the year of the Canadian Forces family.

Let's acknowledge the sacrifice the spouses and children at home go through when one of the family is on Deployment.

I have been in the Navy 26 years, I can honestly say that if it had not been for the support of my wife at home, the glue that kept the family together. I would not have been able to concentrate on my job.

The letters, cookies, notes and pictures from my kids kept my moral up. Hats off to the women and men who deal with everyday life issues while we keep the peace, in war time situations and during the times we are away sunning ourselves while they shoveled the snow, feed the kids, cleaned the messes etc.

Please sign up so we can have our families acknowledged for their efforts in supporting freedom and peace.

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