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Burgess Hill Town Council
United Kingdom

Burgess Hill is a ghost town. Of the 22 well-known High Street stores we have, 11 are eateries. 4 of those eateries are Supermarkets. The rest of the shops are independents (which are great and needed), hairdressers, banks, or estate agents. Then there are the dormant outlets in need of filling.

From the top of Keymer Parade to the Post Office down there are 15 vacant stores, a massive 17 hairdressers / beauty salons, 12 banks, 7 charity shops, a jaw dropping 35 eateries (supermarkets and restaurants / takeaways) and 12 estate agents.

This town needs more High Street name stores to compete with neighbouring towns and to get local people spending locally, instead of shopping in Brighton and Crawley because the council won't promote Burgess Hill to these companies. We also need greater leisure facilities, including an extension to the Orion Cinema.

We, the undersigned, call on the Mid Sussex Council to open more High Street Name stores and build more leisure facilities for an ever increasing population of Burgess Hill.

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