School District of Pickens County
United States of America

The school district of pickens county is taking the rights of the EHS Band to raise money for the needs of the band.

The district does not get that the band is just as important as the football team, and has won many honors, awards, and titles for the school through competition.

This is from a source that was in the meeting for the board. "The new stadium is set up differently than the old one so the only concessions we could sell would be to the visitors side. We are also not allowed a sales table or face painting. They said it had someting to do with no... portable tables or mobile tables...something along those lines. I am sure the boosters could have something written up to share with others."

"We were told it was up to the principle and I believe they said the athletic director as to how it was all determined. The band boosters came up with the $14000. based on past years in-take."

"I know last year at some games we made several hundred dollars face painting, it seems a shame to lose that money for the band. I am repeating this as accurately as i can remember from tonight's meeting. They had more details and said more would be forthcoming."

We, the undersigned, are calling on the School District of Pickens County to give the EHS Band Booster back the right to raise money during home football games by selling concessions.

The EHS football team is NOT the only important organization in Easley High School.

Please help support our awesome EHS Band students.

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