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Mayor and Councilors of Cowra Shire Council Cowra 2794

The Petition of The Cowra Monorail. Cowra NSW has the potential to become a major Australian tourist hub. The closure of Sydney's Monorail in 2013 has given us the opportunity to open something unique for a small regional town.

On behalf of the Residents of Cowra, we plan to purchase the decommissioned Monorail, recycle and reuse this mode of transport. The Monorail Line will consist of 6 rail stations running between the Cowra P.O.W Camp, Japanese Gardens, Kendal St, Cowra West and the Racecourse/Showgrounds this will give tourists a quick way to travel between hotels on Kendal St and West Cowra to tourist attractions.

This elevated railway line will also give local teenagers, the elderly and people without drivers licences who live in the vicinity of the proposed line, a quick way to services like the hospital, banks, supermarkets etc. on the main street. The Cowra community already has acknowledged the lack of mass transit in Cowra with $5 taxi fares for pensioners and a hail and ride bus service.

Installing a Monorail link is much faster than driving and will ease congestion on the Main Street, if we can get the support of the local population we may be able to raise funds through the state and local government and make this unique recycled mass transit system possible. The dollars put into installing the Monorail will be refunded and generate profits to the Cowra community through advertisements, selling tickets and the Opal system.

We believe it's in Cowra's best interest to constitute the Cowra Monorail and hope raise support through this petition. Next stop...Cowra.

Let's make the Cowra Monorail possible, by signing this petition and donating
we the residents of Cowra undersigned support the construction of the Monorail.

we support the acquirement of the carriages and railway line of the decommissioned Sydney Monorail, the installation of the line and rail stations in Cowra and the upkeep of keeping the system running.

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