#Human Rights
President George W. Bush
United States of America

May 12, 2005

Please support the democratic Taiwan and the 23 million people's rights!

1. Taiwan has one quarter the size of the state of Illinois and nurtures a population the same size as Canada's.

2. Taiwan is a bright jewel in the Far East. The island embraces several cultures, east and west; old and new. Taiwan plays a major role in the world's economy and free trade.

3. In the past 400 years, Taiwan has many sad stories and pain growing up to be a free democratic country with a lively economy. She has been the territory of Chin Dynasty (before 1895); ruled by the Dutch; Ceded to Japan (1895-1945); blood shed ed by Chiang Kai-sheik ("228 Incident" in 1947); under Marshall Law (and White Terror) for over 38 years (1949-1988), yet people's love for freedom and democracy prevailed.

4. The PRC (a totalitarian China established in 1949) just passed "Anti-Secession Law" to rob the human rights of people in Taiwan (ROC, a free and democratic Taiwan).

5. What we are asking for is:

a. Help Taiwan join WHO for the welfare of the 23 million people in Taiwan. (Just imagine the whole Canada's people being excluded from WHO; Just imagine what if there is another SARS!).

b. Please take the WTO model, let Taiwan's 23 million people have the equal right to participate in the UN. Taiwan has suffered a lot under Chiang Kai-sheik's "One China" policy. Taiwan should not have to suffered again by the "Shut-Door" policy of the PRC's. Taiwan would do only to enhance the world peace, free trade, freedom and democracy.

c. Please recognize that Taiwan is not another Hong Kong. The 23 million people in Taiwan should have the right to determine their own future.

By: Margaret Lu. M.D., M.P.H. (a posthumous daughter and only child of one of the "228 Incident " of 1947 victim, Dr. George C. Kuo, M.D.)

We, the undersigned, support the democratic Taiwan and its 23 million people's rights!

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