Victorian State Government

My boyfriend (19), friends (18 - 25) and even myself (18) are dying from these illnesses and who can help?

No one, how can doctors help when the system is stretched to the limit. There are approximately 16 beds in the north region of Victoria that can cater for these devastating illnesses.

Help save Us!!! We are Dying it is a Matter if Life and death now. JOIN S.O.T.S (SAVE OUR TEEN SOULS) email @ raquel_howat@hotmail.com for more info.

We, the undersigned, call on the State Government of Victoria to increase government funding in the area of Mental Health for patients aged (16 years - 25 years) this would be inclusive of greater outpatient support services as well as specialised Youth housing services and increased funding to provide adequate inpatient/acute care facilities.

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