Lewisham Primary Care Trust (PCT)
United Kingdom

Lewisham PCT has decided to reduce Sydenham Green's weekly Breastfeeding Cafe to once month due to cuts in staff and finance. The Breastfeeding Cafe provides essential support and advice to new and existing mothers in the local area to breastfeed for as long as possible.

The Café:
•provides a safe environment for all mothers to relax and feed their baby whilst interacting with other similar mothers and babies;
•promotes the health benefits to both mother and child as well as the fact that it is natural and socially accepted;
•provides a place for peers to exchange information and support each other;
•provides a place to get consistent professional health care information in a informal format.

The reduction in opening times will have a negative effect on all breastfeeding mothers particularly new mothers, this will consequently negatively impact the NHS breastfeeding targets and ultimately may lead to the closure of the Breastfeeding Cafe altogether.

The mothers who attend the Breastfeeding Cafe find the support invaluable and want it to continue on a weekly basis to help support new mothers in the future.

We, the undersigned, call on Lewisham Primary Care Trust to continue to fund and staff the weekly Breastfeeding cafe at Sydenham Green.

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