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Lowcountry Political and Civil Leaders
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The beaches of the Lowcountry found East and West of Charleston are prime cultural and social resources for the area, offering pleasure, relaxation, economic opportunity and a sense of connection to the sea and natural environment to residents and visitors for over 15 thousand years.

Our beaches served as location for Native America villages long before European Colonization, particularly in the summer. They greeted European Settlers upon their arrival with relief from the dank ship bound conditions of the Atlantic crossing. Our beaches have seen many of the significant actions of our history: events in the age of Piracy, the successful defense of Charleston against the British at Ft. Sullivan in 1776, hospitals for recovery from disease before modern medicine, the first shots of the American Civil War from Morris Island in Jan. 1861, the desperate contest for control of Charleston harbor on Morris Island including the heroic assault on Battery Wagner by the 54th. Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in 1863, the creation of the music of Porgy and Bess, the trials of hurricanes and countless family gatherings by every class and color of people through a thousand generations of human presence there.

And further whereas the ocean is the origin of and links all life on planet earth, makes the continued survival of life on this planet possible and its vitality determines our prospects for the continuation of ours and other species here.

We petition our Lowcountry civil and political leaders to adopt such measures, laws, and ordinances as will assure the following:

That the public should be able to access our beaches by the use of public transit, at reasonable cost, during the daytime and evening for the purposes of enjoying visits, living there or working there so that our beaches will not be burdened by the presence of an overwhelming number of automobiles.

That safe routes to and from the mainland should be available for the use of persons who wish to bicycle to our beaches so they may enjoy traveling to the shore in that way, getting exercise and appreciating the surroundings.

That those who work in our beach communities should be compensated with fair and reasonable wages and compensation for the value of their labor, creativity and human presence so the opportunity and prosperity our beaches offer can benefit our entire region.

That our beaches and the oceans before them should not be degraded or placed at risk of destruction by the search for or production of petroleum or other fossil fuel products so they continue to be safe, clean and alive with the diversity of marine life which makes its home in the sea.

To these ends we express our support for the July 18 Straphanger’s March to the Sea and ask that all concerned public officials allow said march to be conducted safely and without hindrance from the CARTA bus stop in Mount Pleasant to the Atlantic Ocean.

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