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Role-players have always had the constant struggle of being reported and banned off of social media websites, like Facebook or Instagram.

Constantly being asked if the name on their profile is real, constantly facing security checks, and also facing rude role-players who just report or harass for the fun of it. We just want to express our love for a certain character(s) through acting as them and well, role-playing. It is not fair to the role-play community to just shove us aside and disable the accounts we put lots of time and effort into.

The role-play community is large and worldwide, there are role-players practically everywhere and it is extremely frustrating when they get disabled and loose everything they had on their account. I have had 4 accounts reported and disabled; therefore, further proving the problems a role-player faces in day to day interaction on social media.

When the accounts are no longer accessible due to being disabled, we are not given a reason as to why our account was disabled.

I petition that we put a stop to this and stand up to Facebook for our rights as role-players!

We, the undersigned, call to Facebook to eliminate the mistreatment that role-players get because we show admiration for a specific character or thing and we choose to show that said admiration through acting out as that character and/or thing.

It is unjustified how the role-play community is treated on social media websites and therefore rally together to put a stop to the way we are treated on your website.

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The Support Role-Player Rights petition to Facebook was written by Rose Quinn Tyler and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.

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