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Lately U.S. congressmen and women have been resorting to juvenile tactics such as name calling, interrupting speeches by their colleagues and shouting at other politicians.

They are disrespecting each other as well as the American people with their actions.

By signing this petition, I am stating that I support the idea that all political discussion and action in America should be on a respectful and intelligent level.

I value the American political system for its ability to have intelligent and productive debates over issues of importance. I refuse to partake in negative politics, including listening to politicians attack their competitors rather than justify their own stance. I feel like politicians who partake in these actions are not only disrespecting my intelligence, but the countries' intelligence as a whole. I am demanding that elected officials act in a more professional, respectful and mature way.

By signing this petition, I am asking the following of Congressmen and women:

•Conduct yourselves with a sense of professionalism, or face the possibility of suspension without pay for two weeks. This includes abstaining from name-calling of other officials, verbally attacking other officials, or rudely interrupting others’ speeches.

•Abstain from negative politics. This includes spreading rumors or unverified facts to benefit your cause, fear mongering, and attacking other officials, candidates, or stances in ads or speeches. I want to hear why I should support you, not why I should not support your opponent.

•Condemn all acts of violence, and threats of violence toward any American citizen, regardless of their political stance.

•Do not use labels such as “Socialist”, “Communist”, and “Dictatorship”. Labels like these do not benefit anyone and only play into misinforming people.

•Show respect to your colleagues and the American people.

I am asking that you hold yourselves to the same standards that all Americans are held to at their schools and workplaces.

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