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Moreland City Council

The suburb of Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia is a thriving, highly livable community. But in recent years population has grown and the number of cars in the area has increased dramatically. Not only are there more cars driven on the roads but more and more are being parked on-street.

This high density of parked vehicles is causing strain on the community due to poorly defined parking restrictions. The residents of the community are calling for council to employ more parking restrictions to minimise the number of parked vehicles on street. This petition is focusing on one street at the moment, namely 'Grandview avenue', although more are expected to be tackled in future. There are various reasons that changes need to be made to parking laws on this street.

Pascoe Vale South has large elderly community many of whom receive services such as meals on wheels and regular nurse visits for treatment such as dialysis. With parking space taken up on the street it is extremely inconvenient for these people to access these essential services. It is also important the ambulances can easily access homes in case of emergency as such the street must be kept as clear as possible all hours of the day.

There are also a number of young families in street and kids, as they do, play on the street. The number of parked cars on the street make visibility difficult for both through traffic and the kids themselves. Removing many of the cars would allow for better visibility and safety .

The streets in the area are quite narrow. With cars parked on both sides of the street some trucks including rubbish collection trucks can not physically maneuver through the street. This prevents access to services to the community.
Traffic flow will improve and residents will also be able to reverse and access parking in the area if these changes are made.

We call on all members of the Pascoe Vale South community and beyond to sign this petition as better defined parking rules will better benefit the community of Pascoe Vale South making it safer and more convenient for all.

We, the undersigned, propose to Moreland City Council that parking restrictions of 4 hour time limits be implemented along the full length and on both sides of Grandview avenue, Pascoe Vale South.

We propose that these parking restrictions apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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