Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations

The additional costs of attending university is amazing. Required Text books for some courses are very expensive, and for some students, the cost is very prohibitive. Some of us are mature aged students, with families, we work and have a mortgage to pay, and finding text book money is quite hard.

Let's give the students a fair go, and allow the students to put the required texts on HECS.

In Australia, we have a large group of dedicated individuals that are working hard to fill skills shortages.

They are our university students, and they are struggling financially to pay for higher educations costs that are not covered by the Higher Education Costs Scheme. Costs such as the required textbooks for some courses can run into thousands of dollars each semester!

We would like a full governmental review of the Higher Education Costs Scheme and FEE-HELP to allow university students the option to place required text books on HECS.

It will assist in easing the financial burden on students as they study to ease Australias professional skills shortages and ensures that University Studies are fair and equal for all students, not the advantage going to those who can afford the text books while others miss out.

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