#Civil Rights
United States Forest Service - United States Department of Agriculture
United States of America

The U.S Department of Agriculture(USDA) / US Forest Service (USFS) is attempting to close Public access to US Forest Lands that are presently stated as "open forest floor" that All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) use to recreate.

Such closure will take our rights to use our lands responsibly and for recreation. The closure will financially have an impact to local communities as well as retail, restaurants, manufactures, and lodging.
According to the USDA/USFS the closure is for sustainability of the forest floor do to un-managed use of the forest - thus managed by USFS.

For those who wish to maintain their rights to ride their All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Utility Vehicle, Recreational Vehicle, Off Highway Vehicle, in the National Forest responsibly, YOUR Attention is required to sign this petition in order for our voice to be heard.

We need to join together and notify The USDA/USFS/BLM/Forest Rangers of the major mistake that they wish to impose on all of us for our recreation. Stand up for our rights to use our own National Forest responsibly for our recreational use.

PLEASE send this link to many other people so we can get as many Signatures as possible to get all we can.

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