The Government of Guyana

For too long the Artists, Singers, Song Writers, Musician and others in the Creative Arts industry have suffered due to the lack of Copyrights. The direct effect of this has cause this industry to suffer year after year.

The main protection for the people who venture into this industry is Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights. Without Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights, we face extreme hardship trying to make a profit or any return on funds invested into this trade. Businesses and Corporations, big and small, decline to invest in us based on this mere fact.

We are underpaid and disrespected by big companies and promoters who exploit or creativity for their own financial gain. Even at a Governmental level we are treated as third class citizens, and there is a high level of discrimination as it pertains to shows held on behalf of the Government. The organizers for these events constantly choose the artist for these events and payment methods based on friendships and association.

As citizens and tax payers, we deserve to be afforded protection by law to our intellectual properties.

We call on the government to Implement suitable and practical Legislationl to protect and secure the future of this industry.

We want certain stipulations via parliament to ascertain a level of security and protection from local and overseas based companies that seeks to exploit and disrespect us.

We also call on the Government to immediately demand that all radio stations who have been issued a radio license by the government of Guyana to play 50% or more of Guyanese music as is the norm of any other country in the Caricom States.

We call on the Government of Guyana to conduct an audit of previous governmental shows to ascertain the level of bias where as it attains to payments of the artists that performed for these events.

We call on the the Government to immediately pay royalties to its citizens for all of their creative properties that are and were being used on its radios and television programs.

We call on the government to implement legislation stating that all radio and television stations by law are required to pay royalties for the creative properties of the Guyanese Artists/musicians/producers etc.

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