United Kingdom

* Server was inaccessible for a lot of Open Beta, very little has been done to prepare for Retail.

* Retail is released, servers have a 2000 Queue Limit.

* Players can't even join a queue for a server if it is persistently full.

* When you do enter the queue you are expected to wait for what can be hours.

* NCSoft are indirectly breaking laws set in place to preserve consumer's rights by delaying in producing more servers to handle the response from gamers.

*The Sales of Goods Act 1979:

Goods are of ‘Satisfactory quality’ if they reach the standard a reasonable person would expect taking into account the price and any description.

We've paid for the game, and are now unable to play I believe it's safe to say NCSoft has failed to make it's obligation to the consumers.

All who sign this petition are in consensus that NCSoft should create more servers for the European branch of its new game Aion.

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