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For the past 15 years Nevada Diving Club (NDC) Has operated out of Lombardi Rec Center under the coaching guidance of Jianli You. Paying a pool rental fee for usage higher than the norm for diving clubs throughout the country. Lombardi is THE ONLY facility for the diving club to practice.

The CRW advisory committee at Lombardi is challenging the existence of NDC by raising rates to include a daily fee for each diver thus making it nearly impossible for NDC to exist. The next closest pool is in Rio Linda CA.

The young divers at NDC work out less than half the time of their competitors throughout the United States due to the limited access that Lombardi allows them to dive at all. Many of these divers have still managed to go on to dive for colleges throughout the nation. Some of the divers that are too young for college currently hold national qualifying rankings among some of the best divers.

NDC provides the diving boards and maintenance of the diving boards through donations of the RUDE Foundation in relationship with Duraflex international. These boards are used by UNR diving as well as the students at UNR free of charge.

Please help to preserve NDC's opportunity to practice their sport at Lombardi for a slight (reasonable) rate increase. by signing the petition below.

We, the undersigned, request that the CRW advisory committee take into consideration:

·The prior 15 years of NDC’s usage of Lombardi Pool;

·The community support of sports for children;

·Proximity of the nearest pool;

·Other diving clubs pay little to no fee at all for pool use.

We, the undersigned strongly support Nevada Diving Club!

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