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As we all know, the BCS system for determining the Division I-A National Champion has never allowed for schools from the lesser publicized conferences to really have a chance to win a National Title.

During the '90s, Marshall University and Florida State were the only two undefeated teams in the nation, yet Marshall was only ranked at #7 with no chance to prove themselves. More recently, Boise State has also not been afforded that opportunity.

This year could produce as many as four undefeated teams and two will also not be afforded that opportunity.

We therefore propose the following petition to the NCAA to eliminate this discrimination.

The undersigned people do hereby petition the NCAA to establish a Playoff System to determine the Division I-A National Championship in College Football in the following manner:

Playoffs will include ALL Conference Champions – The NCAA and the BCS have discriminated against the lesser Conferences far too long. Every Conference Champion should have the Right to prove themselves.

Playoffs will also include any Independent with a record of no more than 2 losses. If no Independent meets that criteria, then a Conference “Runner-Up” with the best record shall receive that position. The NCAA may determine the criteria for determining “Best Record”.

This method will establish a total of Seven Teams to compete for the National Title. One team shall receive a “Bye” for the first round. The Team receiving the “Bye” shall be determined by a “Random Draw”, thereby giving All Conference Champions an opportunity to receive the “Bye”. Any Independent who met the criteria to compete shall also be included in the “Random Draw”, however, any Conference “Runner-Up” who has been included in the Playoffs as a result of no qualifying Independent, shall NOT be included in the “Random Draw”.

All Bowls which are not selected to host the Playoff series, should include ALL conference “Runners-Up” and teams with the best records in college football. Teams with four or five losses competing in Bowl games while teams with two or three losses watch on TV is NOT acceptable.

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