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After the release of Disney's 'Tron: Legacy' movie, Monster Cable Products decided to produce headphones that would be designed by Disney and have an amazing quality, great sound experience, and have a futuristic, stunning look. They created Tron T1 black and T1 Daft Punk limited edition headphones. They were made and presented at Monster CES 2012.

Some of the well-known, famous people have these headphones, but the rest of us, had to wait for it's official release date. After a year of promises and delays, Monster cancelled Tron T1 headphones. From what I and other people saw, the released product looked, felt and sounded no less than awesome. Not all of us were able to try these headphones in real life, but even reviews by other people state that these are cool gadgets for music listening and gaming. To Monster, these headphones weren't good enough.

These T1's had to be better in all aspects than other famous headphones. After Monster cancelled T1's, China started officially manufacture cheap copies of T1 Daft Punk headphones. Those are awful and not even nearly the same headphones as what Monster presented at CES 2012. They are similar by looks, but Chinese copies are made from cheap materials, and aren't exactly the same looking models like those from Monster.

These are the headphones that many would want to buy and this is not an exaggeration. Just take a look at all the chinese replicas of T1's being sold only this month. What more to say, but that we want real Tron T1 headphones back in production by Monster team!

We understand that at Monster you couldn't release products that did not match your desired outcome.

We also understand that you tried to perfect these T1 series, but never were entirely satisfied. From what some of us saw in real life, and others from reviews, these T1's are quality headphones! Like many people out there, I would easily switch any current headphones for Tron T1 and I would wear them everyday with pleasure. Those are stunning headphones can not be compared to cheap Chinese replicas that flooded the market. They even look different if you look careful.

Even if some components for these headphones may be a little expensive (that is just a theory), I and many other people would still go for these headphones. Price is out of the question.

I on behalf of fans for your products, am begging you to release these T1 headphones as they were at Monster CES 2012. They may not be perfect to you at Monster Cable Products. Maybe they don't sound better than other high-end headphones or Beats by Dr. Dre, but they are already amazing to so many of us!

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