As all the world knows, Libya had a revolution 2 years ago asking for democracy, our right in having a good life, removing the oppression, having justice and removing the dictator that ruled us for 42 years, and so we did.

After a year of the revolution we as gamers and generally as "Internet users" we hoped that most sites will change our country name and our flag and most of them did.

Then when we checked Steam it was still the same as before, so we waited we said they might change it soon and change your policies about accepting our country in your store but nothing has changed after 4 years of waiting.

So today we decided to make a move and we hope you respond to it.

We, Libyan gamers, request from www.Steampowered.com to :

1. Support our country in "Steam Store".
2. Change the name of our country from "Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" to "Libya".
3. Change our country Flag from "the green flag" to what is used right now.

Because we love this Gaming platform and it would be nice and make us happy to see our simple request answered.

Sincerely "Libyan Gamers"

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The Support Libya on Steam! petition to www.steampowered.com was written by Abdurrahim Alkadkad and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.