Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Associate Minister of Mental Health & Addictions Jason Luan

Substance abuse affects more that Canadians’ health. It also has a big impact on our economy. This substance abuse includes alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs. The last study in 2014 showed that substance abuse cost Canadian tax payers $26.4 Billion and in Alberta alone was $5.5 Billion! This cost has risen drastically along with the costs to companies for lost production not to mention the rise in overdose deaths. One of the biggest issues is the lack of ongoing support after an individual takes the first step of detox and treatment.
There are no long term recovery programs available at this time. Once people leave a treatment center, many end up back in the same environment that affected them. This makes it very hard to avoid the same people and habits that they once associated with, and difficult to find gainful employment. An estimated 85% of individuals will relapse within the first year.
LAWIR Living Corp is a non-profit organization founded on the principles that every Canadian deserves the opportunity to live in a safe, fulfilling and independent environment where they can grow and develop to their fullest potential.
Created by its Founder Duane Martin, a former addict himself, has for the last several years been an advocate for addiction recovery. By helping so many on their road to recovery through taking them in to his home and providing jobs to those in need in order to get them back on the road to independent and self sufficient lifestyles. What once was a dream, he is now making it a reality to provide this service to many communities across Canada. The first being in the Yellowhead County area. He has gained support from several communities across Alberta and has been working with provincial and federal representatives to get help with funding for this vital program.
The program includes clean and sober housing facility which is also family friendly, along with a "Unity" house where the 12 step meetings will be available every day of the week, offices for private counseling, day care service, administration office and common area for clients and their families. Many programs will be made available for career counseling and life skills. The other key factor to our program is having jobs available to the clients with our partnership program and some will provide apprenticeships in many different trades. Living And Working In Recovery with our system has shown a 95% success rate and is vital to the recovery success of individuals and their families. We need financial assistance to help more people in more communities and are doing this petition of support to show the Alberta and Canadian governments that this is what the people believe to be the right program to helping Canadians with their recovery process.

We, the undersigned, support LAWIR - Living And Working In Recovery and would like to have this facility in or close to our community to help individuals recovering from substance abuse.

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