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My fiancee was arrested March 26 2010. He was riding his bike to work, the police stopped him he said i have to go to work. The police man said your not going any where they started to beat him. Another male officer called the ambulance they took him to the hospital he had to have surgery on his eye.. his nose his broken and caved in... one thing i can say is that he never deserved any of this.

He's a wonderful man who has done nothing but help me and my family he never gets in trouble he's a good guy and they are trying to deport him and take him from me. i love him with all of my heart and he loves me and my two children that do not belong to him with all of his heart. I have to no help for this please help me. heres the site to look at his mug shot you can see how bad his face his. www.cobbsheriff.org and heres his case number too look up his mug shot 893648..

Thank you Laken

All illegal immigrants deserve rights I WANT TO FIGHT FOR THEM they can't do it themselves. Let's do it for them.

Police took an oath to protect and to serve not to brutally beat innocent people.

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