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Gold Coast City Council

The Gold Coast City Council needs to proactively support any proposal that would encourage growth in the local economy, particularly at this difficult time.

King International have proposed to develop a university in Southport, right on the light rail line. This is exactly the sort of stimulus the local economy needs.

The Gold Coast City Council however, have failed to support the proposal and instead have flatly refused to waive/reduce the $133k in application fees. This is a petty, short sighted decision that has resulted in King looking elsewhere and could have devastating, long lasting effects on the Gold Coast's already tarnished reputation.

I am in no way affiliate with King and only read this article in this morning's news. Enough is enough. It's time Council started being held accountable.

We, the undersigned, call on the Gold Coast City Council to waive King International's application fees for development of their proposed new university facility in Southport.

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