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Child Abuse
United States of America

There are over 609,000 children abused every year. We are wanting to help make the laws for punishment more stringent to help stop the abuse.

Join in, with any information, knowledge, just anything that can aid in the success of this bill. I am preparing a bill for our legislature on child abuse laws. I am not asking for more time, but to educate the perpetrator. In hopes that he/she will not inflict their self desires on any unwilling participant.

It is a control thing for them. Lets join together to control the requirements of there parole. I’m presenting a bill to be entered into law. That any sex offender shall be required to produce a certificate of completion from the states crime bill and anger management as a condition of his/her parole.

This will not guarantee the perpetrator will not act on his/her emotional desires again, but if it prevents just one child, wife, mother even father from being a victim of this violent crime, then we have made a difference.

Go to petitions on our index, click and register your support. It doesn’t cost anything and as always I value your privacy, guaranteeing the email address will stay confidential.

Thank you for all your support and participation, the encouraging words. But, most of all for helping, loving one another with actions, not just words.

Sincerely grateful,

(Jimmy) James D.Bulger

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