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An increase in the FAR on narrow lots is consistent with the City of Champaign's goals as identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Champaign Tomorrow, for infill development. Many home buyers want a home with a larger square footage, modern amenities and also want to live in the core of the community. Increasing FAR and related modernization provisions will allow home buyers to invest in the redevelopment of properties in the core areas, instead of being forced to the fringe. Elimination of urban sprawl is advantageous by allowing city services to be provided more efficiently and more economically by municipalities. Additionally, these amendments also align with the City’s overall sustainable development objectives by allowing home owners to have the square footage of living space to meet their needs without requiring a larger lot. National housing trends demonstrate a higher demand for smaller lot sizes as new generations of homeowners seek lower maintenance properties. Finally, the City’s Comprehensive Plan also supports measures to provide more choice in housing.

We, the undersigned community members, call on the Mayor and City Council to approve and adopt, as proposed by City Staff and subsequently approved by the Planning Commission, those zoning amendments necessary to increase the FAR and other modernizations for the SF-1 zoning ordinances in Champaign.

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