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Through out the past years after the Vietnam war there existed what is called a "Secret War". Many American soldiers fought in this war along side our people, the Hmong. After all those years, there was a promise made to the Hmong that after the war, the U.S. would accept them into a place that will provide safe haven, the United States of America.

Many have come over but for those Hmong who are still in Thailand they are living in mosquito infested cells in the Nong Khai detention center and being forcibly repatriated back to Laos like those in the Huay Nam Khao camp. We urge the U.S. government to pressure the Thai embassy to allow UNHCR into the camps to allow proper screening of these people who are labeled "economic migrants" to be screened as "political refugees". Also for the U.S. government to pressure the Thai embassy to stop the repatriation of these people.

Also to free those 158 still in the Nong Khai detention center and allow these people, who already are labeled as political refugees, to resettle in third countries.

We the undersigned people implore you to immediately take the necessary actions to bring safety and human rights to the Hmong living in Huay Nam Khao camp and Nong Khai Immigration Detention Center.

They are being forcibly repatriated back to a country where they have and still are victims of an ethnic cleansing war, persecution, state-sponsored human rights abuses, and starvation at the hands of the LPDR and SRV Vietnamese forces.

We implore you to initiate appropriate action to provide safe haven for them in third countries.

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