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UNHCR-Geneva, Navi Pillay,António Guterres,Annika Sandlund,UNHCR-Turkey

Iranian asylum seeker and Kurdish political activist Hamed Javanmardy is in dire need of an appropriate action to be resettled in a safe country.

Due to his political view and having affiliation with Kurdish dissident parties of Iranian regime Mr. Javanmardy was subjected to prosecution and constant harassment by Iranian security forces which eventually left him no option except fleeing from Iran.

In 2004 he left Iran to avoid any probable arbitrary arrestment and intimidation with a strong prospect to save his live from imprisonment and chastisements, but unfortunately since 2004 he has been through lots of harder circumstances in Turkey. His refugee eligibility was denied and his asylum claim was rejected by UNHCR. It’s been 10 years that he is waiting for reconsideration and reopening his case and changing above mentioned unfavorable decision. He also has been suffering from many problems which have paralyzed his daily life including: health and psychological problem, intensive anxiety of being deported to Iran, and unpleasant life conditions which all refugees in Turkey encounter. Above all aforementioned afflictions his asylum claim and rejection decision by UNHCR as well as Turkish police negligence to reopen and address his case, has put Mr. Javanmardy’s life in an infinite abeyance.

Although we deeply respect Turkey’s UNHCR prior decisions and conclusions, we consider that there are much more new elements and developments has taken place since the last rejection decision; and these elements combined with the previous elements will create danger, risks and threatening situation that are amount to persecution according to 1951 Refugee Convention if Mr. Jabvanmardy eventually is deported to Iran. More importantly, during these years of living in Turkey; in collaboration with Iranian regime opposition parties Mr.Javanmardy constantly continued his political activities as an Iranian regime dissident.

WHEREAS: Hamed Javanmardy is an Iranian regime political dissident, in case of deportation which is imminent, he will be exposed to arbitrary arrestment and considered as prisoner of conscience for as long as Islamic Republic of Iran's Intelligence Ministry and its judiciary system decide.

AND WHEREAS: according to the Article 186 of Islamic Penal Code, any kind of association and affiliation with any group or organization which attempts armed confrontation against the Islamic Republic of Iran, so long as its leadership is intact, all its members and supporters who are aware of the organization's positions and take steps to further its objectives, are "enemies of God," even if they are not involved in its military branch. Likewise Article 190 of Islamic Penal Code states that there are four possible punishments for "war against God or corruption on earth": death, death by hanging; amputation of the right hand and then the left foot; or permanent internal exile.

AND WHEREAS: Mr. Javanmardy’s experiences are similar to those of many other Iranian and Kurdish political activists and regime dissidents who are sentenced and living in solitary confinement as well as those who have ended up fleeing abroad to escape constant harassment and grave danger of being tortured and subjected to unfair trial penalties followed by a harsh sentence;

THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, respectfully demand that the distinguished authorities take an appropriate action to reopen Mr.Javanmardy’s case in UNHCR and grant him a favorable decision immediately.

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