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Genetically modified foods have been around for millennium. However, the foods that have been created in the last 20 or so years (franken foods) mix the genes of different species. There is a movement on to force companies to label their foods that contain GMO's.

They are fighting back like hell and they will never give in. I propose that the FDA create a GMO FREE label ( I chose the color green) of uniform color and shape that companies whose products contain no GMO's could put on their products. WE DON'T NEED THE COOPERATION OF THE BAD GUYS! WE CAN REWARD THE GOOD GUYS!

People will look for that green label and buy those products left and right. We can leave the GMO containing food producers in the dust by coming from the other direction.

To the FDA,

We the undersigned have waited long enough for politicians to legislate a law requiring GMO labeling.

I am asking as a consumer who wants to be informed about the food I eat, that the FDA create a STANDARDIZED GMO FREE label that will allow companies who sell GMO FREE food products to label them as such.

Lets reward the producers of GMO FREE foods with that label designation and inform the American consumers who want GMO FREE food what their choices are!

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