Yukon Territorial Government

Midwifery care is included in the health care insurance plans of six Canadian provinces and territories and has been shown to be a safe, family-centered, cost effective option for low-risk childbearing families in Canada; there is also a shortage of physicians taking maternity patients in the Yukon.



“The integration of midwifery into the obstetrical health-care team is fostering excellence in maternity care for Canadian women and their families.”
Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

We, the voting public of the Yukon, request the government of the Yukon Territory to include fully funded midwifery services which are regulated to meet the unique needs of the Yukon territory under the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan in order to provide all Yukon childbearing families with a choice of maternity caregiver and a choice of birthplace.

NOTE: Contacting your Member of the Legislative Assembly regarding this petition will greatly increase the chances of midwifery becoming funded in the Yukon. Contact information is available at www.legassembly.gov.yk.ca/mlas/members.html

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