Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
United Kingdom

For several years Ben Young has run a boxing gym at the junction of Kingston Road and California Road. Not only has he trained a number of boxers to achieve high standards in the boxing world, but more importantly, he provides an activity for local youngsters, both boys and girls, who might otherwise engage in less desirable and possibly anti-social behaviour.

Having outgrown his present location Ben would like to lease the buildings which he would renovate and equip at his own expense. These would then be available for use by other community groups when not being used as a boxing gym. His proposal has the support of the Friends of Kingston Road Recreation Ground who welcome the opportunity to see the buildings being restored for the use by the local community.

We petition the council to allow us to:

a) To renovate the two derelict buildings on the above Ground for use as an activity centre for the local community including moving a Boxing Club to the Park to encourage local children and adults to participate in activity, get fit and learn a new sport.

b) Provide an area for the community to use for classes or general activities.

c) Provide a small café to encourage local people to enjoy their facilities.

d) Length of lease/licence required: 25 years

I support the application by Ben Young to lease the derelict buildings and bring them back into use.

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