The Family Courts Laws

For years now My husband has been fighting to see his son. His name was not put on the birth certificate as the father but yet he is still responsible to pay child support, and yet he is not allowed to see him. He has a court order to see him but the mother doesn't allow it. Yet she still wants the money.

The child does not know my husband is his father, he does not call him dad, nor does he want to come here. He calls another man dad. I believe that in a case like this why should we have to pay for a child we have nothing to do with?

We, the undersigned, call on the Justice system to put in place a law of some kind asking that no child support be payed to the other spouse unless the child is actively involved in the father's life, and if child support needs to be payed that the money be spent on the child in question and not on something else.

The other spouse should have to provide receipts on what was spent on that child. If the mother, under no circumstances will not allow the child to see the father even with a court order, then no child support should have to be given.

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