Victorian Government

With congestion and carbon emissions from the transport sector a common and growing problem with few affordable solutions emerging, we are convinced the transition of the movement towards cleaner personal mobility lies in the e-bike.

Getting people around with less stress and more exercise, out in the air rather than creating traffic, saving money and parking right outside the destination - this is the picture of a future many of us would like to see, but we cannot envision it without a lot of work. E-bikes take the work out of a cycling commute. More and more people are realising this, but many are put off by the restrictive low power limit set by the current laws.

Our strong belief is that more people will choose an e-bike with laws in place to better suit our conditions, such as those laws in USA and Canada. In these places, e-bikes of 500-1000w are allowed, so long as they are speed limited.

We agree, and are urging the Victorian Government to raise the limit from the current 200w-250w, to provide a sort of INCENTIVE for people to get on an e-bike. They can then do themselves, our society, and the world a favour, by leaving the car at home more often.

We, the undersigned, believe that it is in the best interest of Australia and its people to allow e-bike users to ride on bikes rated up to 500w, with speed limit of no more than 32km/h. 250w is simply not enough power for most users, and is causing many potential users of e-bikes to shy away after trying it.

We are confident that by raising the limit, it will allow more people to feel the technology suits their purpose, and will take it up. This is really something we should be encouraging.

Some of the positive flow on effects of e-bike use are mild exercise and resulting health benefits for the individual, cost savings associated with less driving, reduced congestion on roads and public transport, and less greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.

This is the future we want to see in Australia! We need to encourage it.

We call on the Victorian government to lead the way on this issue, to transform our transport sector towards a brighter future. Please raise the e-bike rated power output to 500w.

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