#Law Reform
Texas Supreme Court and Texas Attorney General
United States of America

A man should have the right to legally be free from Child Support payments if he finds out he is not the biological father of a child no matter how many years have passed since the child was born. DNA is legally used to free innocent men or women if testing proves they are excluded from a crime if they are wrongfully accused, however in the State of Texas a man who is wrongfully accused of fathering a child has no rights. They pay or go to jail.

A mother who knowingly accuses a man of fathering a child and collects support from that man should be required to pay back any money received and be obligated to locate the biological father. When DNA testing reveals that “he is NOT father” - the child’s mother should actively assist in correcting the situation versus exploiting the man for money.

We can handle the truth that paternity fraud is not rare. What about the truth? Sometimes it happens by mistake, fraud or both. What about his actual family and his biological children ? Putting him in jail for inability or refusal to pay for another man’s child is travesty of justice.

What about the truth? We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Men have no rights in these cases and they are required to pay or go to jail. These men are not criminals so..........


We, the undersigned, call on the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Attorney General to change the law.

Justice demands that paternity fraud victims and their families be freed from child support enforcement prosecution.

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