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Councillors and Council of Stonnington

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In July 2016 we submitted a planning application for a brewery and taproom. Even though the application was supported by Council, we had objections. Residents felt uncomfortable with the idea of a taproom and brewery, particularly the taproom.

Having had objections and trying to overcome these objections, the decision on the planning permit went to the Councillors. The Councillors are the elected representatives of the people of Stonnington (our local Council).

We had an anxious wait and in November 2016, the Councillors met to decide our fate. Unfortunately, the majority of them were unsupportive and they rejected our proposal. This negative result meant we were off to VCAT.

It takes a long time to get to VCAT; Our hearing date was scheduled in May 2017. Unfortunately, we got knocked back again for the brewery and taproom on the basis of parking and the size of the taproom we were proposing.

The VCAT decision and the whole process left us with a huge amount of wasted time and money and a building which lay vacant unable to be used for what we intended it for: a brewery and taproom and so we resubmitted our permit for a brewery only in August 2017 in order to get a permit to brew our beer as quickly as possible; at least a starting point.

In January 2018 we finally received some great news and had our permit for a brewery. In March 2018 we began the construction of Deeds Brewery. We are now looking to start brewing at the end of January 2019.

Where does that leave us in terms of a taproom where people can visit us, give us feedback and enjoy a drink with us on premise? Well that is still very much something we are planning after we start brewing. We hope to obtain the support of our local residents and hope that, with the brewery up and running, the locals will see that life near a brewery is not a terrible outcome in terms of amenities but in fact, is a huge positive!

If you are a local resident we will need your support. If there is support from you, the Councillors (being your representatives) will be more supportive as well. If you feel you would love to see a taproom at our brewery for you to enjoy super fresh craft beer and food with friends, please sign our petition. We very much appreciate your support.

Thank you
Pat and Dave

We, the undersigned support the forthcoming planning application/amendment for a taproom at Deeds Brewing, 4 Paran Place, Glen Iris.

We request the Stonnington Council and its Councillors support the forthcoming planning application/amendment for a taproom at Deeds Brewing 4 Paran Place, Glen Iris.

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