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Bury MBC Council
United Kingdom

Bury Council has announced that from April 2010 it will not renew the annual £22,000 grant it pays to CONTACT, a local charity which has provided support to people with learning disabilities in Bury for 25 years.

CONTACT assists its members to develop their own social and leisure interests, through a varied range of weekly leisure activities in the community. Based on fun, friendship, and quality of life, the service is much loved and much needed. The loss of local authority funding is a devastating blow, which may well spell the end of this popular service. This would be a huge setback for our members and their families, who rely on the informal support of the friends and volunteers they see every week at CONTACT.

We call on Bury Council to recognise the successful, innovative and highly popular service provided by CONTACT to people with learning disabilities in Bury for 25 years.

We ask the Council to consider the huge loss to CONTACT members and their families, were this service to close, and call on them to re-think the decision to withdraw funding.

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