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Arrested Potential, Inc. is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to improve the plight of young children and young adults, intellectually and morally, through the implementation of innovative programs. In an effort to achieve its mission, the overall concept for Arrested Potential, Inc. evolved in 2013, when a group of concerned African-American men met to explore ways of improving the education of young students in the community.

Their call to action resulted from an article that appeared in the local newspaper, “To slow Robeson violence, leaders try to reach youth.” The article described the community as There are a lot of poor, uneducated people here. A lot of guns, a lot of drugs, a lot of alcohol and a culture that says ‘This is how we solve problems,’ ” Douglas said. “I think if we put a National Guardsman on every corner, that’s not an overreaction.” (McDonald, September 15, 2013). These men knew that the community had benefitted from several federal programs such as the Department of Justice Weed and Seed Program and the federal Head Start Program; however, these programs were short-lived. In addition to the news article, statistical information provided even more evidence on need in the impoverished community.

More than 61% of the population was in poverty and the rate for school-age children was 53%. Only 39% of the adults 25 years and older had a high school diploma/GED. Over 56% of the population was unemployed with the median income being $12,000. With the overarching desire to make a difference they adopted the name, “Arrested Potential, Inc.” as a sign of their commitment to assist students in learning how to navigate obstacles and reach their full potential. These men believed, strongly, that if they leveraged their collective talents and resources, they could become change agents in the community.

In an effort to have the most impact on improving the quality of life in the community, they chose to target W. H. Knuckles Elementary School (K-4th grades) where the majority of students had been identified as being low academic performers and whose parents demonstrated an inability to help their students in the learning process and eventually all of Robeson County.

In recent years, a large percentage of W. H. Knuckles Elementary third grade students have been unable to attain the minimum required scores in reading and mathematics. They performed poorly compared to other North Carolina students on the End-of-Grade Test. Such low academic performance of students supported the need for academic intervention. Therefore, Arrested Potential, Inc.’s program(s) address the immediacy of community concern: the educational improvement and achievement of the children who attend W. H. Knuckles Elementary School in a safe and non-threatening learning environment.

Arrested Potential, Inc. has invited you to partnership with us and donate to implement Computer Learning Centers in housing developments in Lumberton, NC by going to www.arrestedpotential.com:

“Your partnership with the community will make a difference in the lives of our young children and their parents.”

"Your contributions will change the way children and young adults navigate the obstacles of life."

"Contribute and be a stakeholder for our community"

Work has started in Lumbee Homes. The Lab will be housed in the Community Building of Lumbee Homes. This lab is our pilot program and we anticipate replication in other Lumberton Housing Developments and through out Robeson County, North Carolina.

The Housing Authority of the City of Lumberton, Robeson County Community Foundation, Robeson County Commissioner Jerry Stephens, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and 10 others have contribute to this worthwhile program.

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