#Children's Rights
Cold Lake Mayor And Council

As Parents it is our job to raise smart, obedient and respectful children. This generation has been lost to radical groups who threaten to phone the police or child services if we raise a hand to discipline our kids.

It's come as far as to say that we (the Parents) are afraid to discipline in fear of going to jail and losing our kids. So we don't. But instead we let the belligerent behavior, the swearing, the spoiling and the downright hateful attitude the youth of today use to take control of us. That is NOT the way it works. WE are the Parents. We make the rules. And it starts with this petition.

In the city of Cold Lake there are family areas that have been overrun by today's youths. Now let me say that again Family areas. Today's youth are not oblivious to small children that inhabit and enjoy these areas. The youth mind you most citizens swear in public areas. But adults have a far greater respect for smaller kids. This petition is in its effect wanting to ban all swearing in designated family zones in the city of Cold Lake and certain areas. These designated zones will be the beach area in Cold Lake, the marina and the provincial park.

I realize that Cold Lake does not have the man power to undertake such a bi-law, but with the Help of the Canadian Forces members on their own time when it happens can issue a citation for such action. With the base in such close proximity it would be easy to confer with the Commanding Officer there. Banning Swearing in these areas seems like a stretch but I believe that small children should be allowed to use these areas instead of parents removing themselves from the area. I believe that people are able to watch what they say around kids but choose not to. Just because they can swear doesn't mean they should.

This is why a bi-law banning swearing in certain ares would help in the fundamental development of our children.

I, the undersigned, agree with this petition and in signing I agree in using my name for this positive change.

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