#Animal Welfare

Since we are slaughtering our COMPANION ANIMAL equines for human consumption abroad, we petition the USDA to also sanction sending all of our unwanted cats & dogs to Asian Countries so they can be eaten too.

There is BIg $$$ to be made in the cat & dog food industry abroad also....so why stop at just exploiting our horses.

If we are going to sell our pet horses for human consumption, why not include our smaller domestic pets for this sort of exploitation also?

We, the undersigned, IN THE EVENT that horse-slaughter is reinstated in this Country, Petition our government to sanction also the selling of our unwanted cats & dogs to Asian markets so they can be used for human consumption, thereby creating a solution to pet-over population as well as creating also a souce of revenue for American interests. If we can sell-out our COMPANION ANIMAL horses like that, why not our "unwanted" cats & dogs too?

WE see no difference and JUST THINK of the $$$ to be made. Isnt that what its all about?

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