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Four Pillars: A Drug & Violence Free Kenya Project Petition 2008-2010.

This project provides a template for addressing the drug and violence centered crises afflicting Kenyan society.

In our professional opinion, it is essential that Kenya's anti-drug and anti-violence programs rapidly evolve into effective policy instruments greater than the sum of their parts. Our fear, however, is that, absent the appropriate planning and intervention instruments, such a daunting challenge will continue to go unmet.

Therefore, the Capital Youth Caucus Association and the Democracy Institute designed this project to provide on-the-ground, in-depth assistance and tangible, prescriptive advice to Kenyans and their public officials in the following areas:

·Drug and Crime Prevention

·Drug Treatment

· Harm Reduction

· Law Enforcement

Based upon our considerable public health and research expertise and our grassroots organizational experience, we are confident that our integrated approach is a cost-effective instrument for alleviating drug-related problems. An integrated approach is good for Kenya's legal system, is good for Kenyan law enforcement, and is good for Kenya's public health care system.

The Four Pillars strategy certainly will not resolve all of Kenya's social problems. Even the best program is unlikely to succeed if applied only to one small area of a city. The fact of the matter is that we need anti-drug and anti-violence programs everywhere in Kenya.

At the very least, these programs provide some hope for law-abiding people who want to live in clean, livable, business-friendly neighborhoods. Our Four Pillars strategy is not a panacea but it is a place to start. In our view, that simple statement should form the foundation of any rational, integrated, and compassionate approach to Kenya's drug and violence problems.

Our ability to move forward with this project is conditional upon securing a formal contract to fund this nationwide anti-drug and anti-crime program. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you consider funding the Four Pillars: A Drug & Violence Free Kenya Project for a period of 18 months, during which time we shall clearly demonstrate our ability to affect positively Kenya's respective criminal, drug, and educational crises.

In advance, the Capital Youth Caucus Association and the Democracy Institute are grateful for your support of the Four Pillars: A Drug & Violence Free Kenya Project. Public health policy in Kenya can have a productive future. Thank you for enabling our organizations to play a significant and positive role in that future.

Yours in Solidarity,

Armstrong O'Brian Ongera, Jnr.

Executive Director
Capital Youth Caucus Association(CYCA)
P.O.Box 5956-00200
tel. +254 20 2129281
cell(DL): +254 720 594 503

We, the youth of Kenya, and concerned supporters, call on the world to support Kenya's youth and make our society free of drugs, violence, and societal breakdown.

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