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As many of you may or may not know, my cousin's child Caden Rivera was murdered April of 2009. The man who murdered 2yr old Caden has just accepted a plea bargain and will be sentenced to 13yrs in prison. The downside to this is, he will only have to serve 85% of his time before being eligible for parole.

I would like everyone to support my cousin as we are attempting to draft bills to change NJ laws on plea negotiations. The bill will be aimed at this: If a convict accepts a plea bargain for 3rd degree manslaughter or above, they will no longer be able to be offered the opportunity to be eligible for parole. They will need to serve 100% of the time they are sentenced to.

The way I see things, under current law, convicts really have nothing to loose. They can accept a plea bargain, plead guilty and get off in less time then if went to trial. Its almost as if the law works for them, not against them. Well lets change this together. Lets take away the opportunity for parole and force convicts into trial and let them face the max sentences they should receive. God Bless!

We, the undersigned, call on the New Jersey State Senate to change the terms of the No Early Release Act.

We are asking that the NJ State Senate revise the NERA Act. The revisions we would like to make are as follows, Make it mandatory that anytime a criminal who is charged with manslaughter or higher no longer be eligible for NERA. We would like to see it made law that if a criminal excepts a plea bargain sentence in lieu of trail, they give up their rights to early release.

If they except a lessor sentence under a plea bargain, they must now serve 100% of that plea bargain term. Under the current NERA act, it does not specify who can be eligible for early release.

We would like this limited to NON Violent offenders. Thank you for your time and anticipated help in revising the NERA ACT.

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