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Atlantic Yards is one of the newest projects in Brooklyn. Looming over the MTA and LIRR's Vanderbuilt rail yards, it is one of the most constructive projects to be done this decade according to atlantic yard.com.

The project of Atlantic Yards' surrounding perimeter is Flatbush avenue, Pacific street, Dean Street, and Vanderbuilt avenue. Which is in the area of Downtown Brooklyn . Atlantic Yards is a 4.2 billion dollar project that includes a sports and entertainment arena that will be home to the basketball team the nets, new buildings for commercial and office space, open space, and a hotel.

Atlantic Yards will solve the problems of insufficient buildings and housing. There is just not enough residential space, such as apartments in downtown Brooklyn. The apartments that do exist have several setbacks such as bad plumbing and heating, broken ceilings cracked walls, and broken windows. New buildings are desperately needed. The unemployment rate is high due to a lack of bussiness in retail according to the "Brooklyn Market Review of Spring 2006", recent developments have been steadily improving Downtown Brooklyn's economy.

The Atlantic Yards project will bring a multitude of economic activity, that will provide many jobs for Downtown Brooklyn. One of the two main sources that will bring jobs into the area are the construction projects and the new NETSb arena.

The four Atlantic Yards communities are seperated by the railyards. The railyards prevents citizens from easily going from one community to the other. The Atlantic Yards project solves this problem by connecting the communities by turning most of the railyards into open- space. Atlantic yards is a project that will create more jobs, set up affordable housing and build new buildings.

The solution to downtown Brooklyn's problems is the Atlantic Yards project. The Atlantic Yards project will create 6,860 homes of mixed income. Of which 4,500 will be rental units. Half of these will be put aside for middle and low income families. This will solve the problem of high rent and lack of housing for people in the Atlantic Yards area. Due to the construction on the Atlantic Yards project new construction job oppurtunities will be available. Forest City Ratner ( an urban real estate company , the head of Atlantic Yards) has promised minority and women owned companies will be the prioritry for hire.

The Construction of Atlantic Yards will create enough jobs to last for ten years. In addition to creating new jobs, Atlantic Yards which will be built over the rail yards will connect the four existing Brooklyn Communities and provide new open space. The new development Atlantic Yards will be a great happenning. Downtown Brooklyn will look cleaner ( without any of the new Brooklyn Buildings that were cracked or broken) and more organized. Building the Nets arena will cause another subway opening , which leads directly to ten subway lines and the LIRR, which will reduce traffic. Also the Atlantic Yards project will fit in nicely with the skyline of existing communities. The economic benefits of the project are 6 billion dollars in tax revenue, new jobs, and greater oppurtunity for bussiness to thrive according to Atlantic Yards .com. Atlantic Yards, by creating millions of jobs, bringing in an arena, putting out plenty of affordable homes, and bringing in revenue will be, according to sports economist andrew Zimbalist Brooklyn's greatest " economic generator".

We, the citizens from all five boroughs of New York, urge the Brooklyn Community Board Members to support and approve the project of Atlantic Yards. We believe the project of Atlantic Yards will do wonders for Downtown Brooklyn. It will solve most of Downtown Brooklyn's problems.

Atlantic Yards will reduce unemployment, create more needed housing, restructure innefficient Broken Buildings, connect the four seperated Atlantic Yards communities, help reduce traffic, and increase the speed of buses.

One of the reasons we want to approve Atlantic Yards is it will clean up all the wreckage caused by old , broken buildings that exist in the area now and set up more needed housing. There is just not enough housing in Brooklyn. The apartments and buildings that do exist have several setbacks such as bad plumbing and heating, broken ceilings, cracked walls and broken buildings.

Atlantic Yards will bring in many needed jobs into Downtown Brooklyn. The unemployment rate is high due to a lack of bussiness and commercail activity. Because of the Atlantic Yards Project there would be an economic boom. The construction projects would provide jobs to last for ten years. Commercail, retail and other bussiness activities will increase due to the increase of office space and the influx of new companies and bussinesses into the area. Forest City Ratner, An urban real estate company, and head of Atlantic Yards has promised jobs for minority and women owned bussinesses.

The four Brooklyn communities are seperated by the rail yards. The railyards prevents easy access to the four Atlantic Yards communities, which should be able to interact and work together. The project of Atlantic Yards connects the four Brooklyn communities by turning some of the exposed railyards into open space with walkways, waterfountains and parks.

Atlantic Yards will solve traffic and overcrowding by creating more subway entrances, such as the new subway entrance in the nets arena that leads directly to ten subway lines and the LIRR. Atlantic Yards is a project that will revitalize downtown Brooklyn by bringfing in economic, aesthetic, and transportation upgrades and benefits.

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