Cyprus Government

We would like to introduce you to Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company….

We are a small family run business with big potential on the European island of Cyprus. We have always had a strong interest in 'real ales'. In 2010, after many years of research and promises of support by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, we took a huge step and moved to Cyprus from the UK.

We wanted to follow our dreams and bring a boost to all Cyprus residents and to Cyprus tourism by developing a new brewery to produce the highest quality, traditional, hand crafted 'real ales' to be served throughout the island. We will be only the third brewery on the island standing alongside or, as it now seems, up against the goliaths of Keo and Carlsberg. Ironically we don't see ourselves as a threat to these companies but more of a benefit as we expect they will see a net increase in sales as we actively work to generate more tourism to the island. We will just be taking a slice of the bigger pie that we will generate.

Our premises are in an old winery in the beautiful village of Tsada set picturesquely in the hills above Paphos and from here we are immediately ready to start brewing our 7 exclusive “Island Beers” range. We have been working tirelessly to make our dreams come true and to bring some long awaited variety, flavour, colour and character to all beer drinkers in Cyprus and to create some much needed employment, training and growth to the country in general and, in particular, to the suffering rural areas.

We did however underestimate just how difficult the Cyprus government would, for whatever reason (and many people have suggested reasons), make this for us and we admittedly underestimated the extent of the unnecessary obstacles that would be put in our way.

As all who know us are aware, we have for nearly 2 years been standing our ground and patiently rising up to every new challenge put in our way. Despite all the attempts we will fight these injustices. We will not allow ourselves to be driven away and we will brew in Cyprus but this determination has cost us dearly and is taking its financial and emotional toll on us all.

We just want to be given a chance without all the attempts to crush us before we even get out of the starting blocks.

We are asking members of the public, Cypriot residents, tourists and 'real ale' lovers of the world to join our fight and support us in our endeavour to bring Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company’s unique flavours to life and hopefully to Cyprus in the very near future so we will all be able to “Taste the Flavour”!

We, the undersigned, call on the Cyprus Government and the Cyprus Department of Customs & Excise to grant Aphrodite's Rock Brewing Company their Permit to Brew without further delay.

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