City of Allentown
United States of America

Skateboarders are woven into the cultural fabric of every urban community in North America. While young, they are stewards of the creative force that adds diversity to our cities.

Skateboarding is an essential option for a huge percentage of today’s youth; nearly a quarter of the 61-million youth in the U.S. skated this year and most of those identify themselves as ―skateboarders.‖

Given skate boarding’s popularity it’s surprising that so many cities have perhaps one skate park, maybe two, to meet the needs of their thousands of youth. While this need remains, the news is filled with rising obesity rates, struggles with urban sprawl, and juvenile delinquency.

Skateboarding is clearly not the sole solution for these community issues, but it’s obviously what millions of kids want to be doing. We can support this healthy, positive activity by making sure that there are enough skate parks (or places to skate), and that they’re designed and built for sustainability and success.

We the undersigned, as citizens of Allentown, support the development of a free public skatepark within our city.

We recognize the need for and the benefits of a free public skatepark and believe the city should at the very least provide suitable land and agree to maintain the skatepark after construction, and at the most, fund, build and maintain the skatepark just as it would a basketball court, tennis court, or other public general use area.

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