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Hello my name is Jeffrey Batista I have recently been faced with a tragedy that has changed my life dramatically. You may have learned about my cause and what sparked it, but if you have not let me give you some insight. I father a child out of wedlock May 2, 2008, and a little over a year later I had to leave the mother due to excessive drinking, partying and drug use.

Soon after leaving I realized that getting custody of my child was not going to be an easy task. I also learned the mother of my child starting dating and soon living with a man that had an extensive criminal past. Jason Lee Padgett is his name and you can look his record up at the Brevard Clerk of Courts. Knowing she was seeing this man I took the necessary precautions I went to a lawyer and new what I had to do just to establish my rights as the father, which I think is wrong on so many levels. Why is it that I have to establish rights when I was the one who signed my name on his birth certificate, I was the one paying child support, and I was that father who was there from birth until my son was taken from me.

I soon called DCF on the mother cause I new of what was going on. DCF went into the house the next day during the day, when I told them that would be the wrong time to go. I told DCF to make a visit at night when a lot more illegal activity was going on. Well they went during the day. At the same time they gave Both Whitney Elizabeth Flower and Jason Lee Padgett 24 hours to take a drug test far too much time to get cleaned up and come up with a game plan. They also new of Jason Lee Padgett’s extensive criminal history and did nothing to protect the child. Less then 2 weeks later Jason Lee Padgett murdered my son. That is why I am starting this Petition; parents who have children out of wedlock should have equal rights to the children, Parents should also be able to get involved in the other parents life if it means protecting their children’s life and the public should also be able to get involved with out having to worry about their safety. Either way millions of children everyday are abused verbally and physically. Some children even murdered when it could have been easily avoided. Let me tell you one thing “my son would be alive today if DCF would have taken a better look into the mother and who she was bringing around the child. In any case a criminal history with domestic violence should prove someone unfit to raise children let alone children that are not theirs. In all its time to take a stand for the little voices that can’t be heard, its time to make a difference, and its time to take a stand to a system that doesn’t work. Mostly let’s protect our children and the voices of the future. Stand with me and let’s stop horrible people from abusing our children physically, mentally, and verbally.

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Thank you,
Jeffrey Batista
(321) 505-0113

Aadens Law:

1.Both parents should have equal rights and equal custody (known as time sharing in Stare of Florida) to their children even if the child was conceived out of wedlock.
2.Parents spouse cannot be alone with the child if they have history of child molestation, domestic violence, or a criminal background that can negatively affect the child. Supervised visits will be given to the parent of the spouse with a history of child molestation, domestic, violence, and drug abuse.
3.If a Parent or adult in the community has proof that a child is in danger that person should have the right to pull the child away from the parent and make a phone call that can help protect the child, and should be protected by the law when they make a phone call to proper authorities

This is all a little broad so if there are any law makers that can help me with this please contacts me.

Jeffrey Batista
321 505 0113

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