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After 10 years, the films are coming to an end in July yet the UK have only had one small Harry Potter convention which stopped running after the first year due to low ticket sales.

I believe this was due to the stars they had attending and want to show the organisor's that there are Harry Potter fans out there who would love nothing more than to meet the stars of the films.

You can meet some of your favourite stars by going to different conventions but wouldn't it be great if they were in one place for a day so you could meet them one after the other instead of going to several different events over time?

So if you are a fan of the films and would love nothing more than to meet your favourite stars, sign the petition to help me show Showmasters Ltd (who run these sorts of events) that it would be worth putting a Harry Potter convention together.

Please also make a note of your 3 top favourite actors from the Harry Potter films that you would like meet if the convention was run.

We, the undersigned, would like Showmasters Ltd to run a Harry Potter convention in the UK for the fans to be able to meet their favourite stars from the films.

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