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Residents of Lewis County have discussed the great need for a Community Center in our area that serves our entire population, both young and old alike. Since 2007 Double Play Sports Community Center has been developing a a plan that is feasible and sustainable for a venue to meet those needs in our area.

In 2011 Double Opened their doors for programming in the former St. Peter's school for youth and adult programming in the village of Lowville. The programs have grown with great success. Limited space and rental hours hinder the mission for Lewis County residents as a whole at our current location.

With a business plan and building design ready for development the non-profit board of directors are seeking private and public grants in addition to starting a capital campaign to bring the project to fruition. As such, a petition that displays the community's support for the project will enhance our success.

This petition is being provided in conjunction with the proposed Double Play Community Center project as a way for residents in Lewis County to have a voice in an opportunity to improve the quality life for youth, families, people with disabilities, and senior citizens who reside in our area.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge fellow residents to act now and support a Community Center project in Lewis County.

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