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Many gamers are excited to join the “Next gen” gaming wave. However 4K 120Hz devices such as TV’s and Monitors are still in the adoption phase and are still extremely expensive. There are many gamers who are only able to to afford 2k 120Hz hardware. We call on Sony Entertainment to support 1440p monitors on the PS5. We are supporting Sony by purchasing the PS5 and we should be afforded the opportunity to game on which ever resolution we choose, given the hardware that we have. 1440 120Hz is the most accessible currently and considered by many to be the “Sweet spot” of gaming at this current time. By not offering support for this resolution, many gamers are being left behind. It is absolutely unacceptable that Sony has decided to not support this resolution and we would like Sony to rethink their strategy. Their competitors offer it, PC offers it. So why should PS5 owners not have the option to play at this resolution as well. There are thousands of comments from all over the world of people that have gone and bought a 1440p 120/144hz monitor as a step up to next gen gaming until the price drops on hardware such as tvs and monitors, only to be told days before release that it was actually a MASSIVE waste of money. Sony... change it now!!

We call on Sony Entertainment to support 1440p resolution screens!!! We are supporting this console but we need to able to game in the resolution that suits us. Your competitors are offering it and so should you.

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