#National Affairs
Kevin Rudd Australian prime minister.

The supermarket shelves are dominated by foreign giants which jack up prices to make enormous profits.

Many multinational companies pay little or no tax at all in Australia. Australian companies are forced to pay 32 cents income tax creating an enormous tax disadvantage. This is why 85% of the products in the supermarket are foreign owned and made. This is why prices are so high. This creates huge problems for the tax paying Australian company competing against foreign competitors who pay little or no tax in Australia.

The Australian competitor discounts its price it then loses profits and goes broke and is bought out by a huge foreign competitor.Once all Australian competition is destroyed the price paid by the customer skyrockets.

We the undersigned demand Kevin Rudd acts on his promise to keep grocery prices low and to demand that coles and woolworths support 100% Australian owned companies which will achieve lower grocery prices and fair competition for Australian companies.

The Support 100% Australian Owned Companies To Keep Grocery Prices Low petition to Kevin Rudd Australian prime minister. was written by Aussiefarmer and is in the category National Affairs at GoPetition.